About Aiken Volunteer Mounted Unit

The Aiken Volunteer Mounted Unit is an Incorporated Non-Profit Organization formed in partnership with the Aiken Department of Public Safety, dedicated to serve as ambassadors to our community. How do I get involved?

ADPS deploys volunteer personnel to supplement other components of the department in a non-law enforcement capacity as deemed necessary by the Director of Public Safety. Mounted volunteers can be an effective tool in operations, ceremonial details, and other areas of public relations. The volunteers of the unit are civilian volunteers. Participation as a volunteer does not confer law enforcement authority upon the civilian volunteers. It is the policy of the Department to utilize trained mounted horse volunteers in specific capacities as designated by the Director. I’d like to volunteer!

In the near future, you will see our unit around and about town. You’ll recognize us by our logo and uniforms including light blue volunteers’ shirts provided by Aiken Department of Public Safety. AVMU is comprised of both mounted riders and ground volunteers. As our training progresses, we will be seen with the ADPS Honor Guard, parades, downtown and community outreach events. We would welcome your support as a volunteer (rider or grounds person), as a donor, or as a corporate sponsor. Find out more about partnering with AVMU.

AVMU Volunteers

AVMU riders at the first mounted training, August 2018.